What is BubbleTea?

Bubble Tea has its origins in Taiwan. This drink gained popularity in Vancouver in the early 1990's. Generally, the tapioca pearls are large and chewy. This is the reason why the straws that come with the beverage are usually larger than the standard drinking straw.

There are two types of Bubble Tea: fruit tea and milk tea. Fruit teas come in many types of fruity flavors. Milk teas are separated into green or red teas. Slush variations can be made from several fruity or milky teas. Aside from tapioca pearls, there are other types of 'chewy' additions like coconut jelly, grass jelly ,lemon jelly and grape jelly.

Some examples of bubbletea mixtures are strawberry, coconut, pina colada and passionfruit. They can be mixed in the form of pure fruits, fruit juice, pulp, syrups, green and red teas, and powders. The mixture is then put into a shaker cup and shaken for one to two minutes in the shaking machine. If it's of the fruit or slush variety. the mixture is blended.